My work is a response to my landscape, culture, and social political anxieties. There are forms in my work that are directly related to the landscapes I have lived in, a sort of nostalgia of where I was raised, the home/memory, and the foreign identity/culture of my present place. Considering the landscape is not always the intentional format during the beginning stages of making, but in the end, is something that always creeps in as an influence. The influence of form can be urban, rural, desolate, or lush, which are all types of landscapes that I have lived in. They may appear representational or obvious, like the flat land of the southwest with its never-ending horizontal line, or the more industrial forms and lines of chemical factories that disrupt the plane, or the collapsing bricks of the neighborhood alley. At times I use materials that are directly relative to a particular environment, such as concrete the urban, and metal for the factory. Keeping these materials relative with the subject matter provides a connection between my making processes and the metaphors that are contained in the work. At times the video camera and projected images are more useful tools for these responses, but usually in conjunction with objects. My social political anxieties filter into the work because of my relation and continual interest with the “Mexican Laborer” as an identity within U.S. and its definition in our contemporary society.
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